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November 2012 Loot Crate Review

Hey everyone!

I know this is a really late review, so I apologize for that. I had some family issues to attend to and a really hectic month at school. This is November's Loot Crate! The theme was Infinity. I guess it has something to do with Halo? In my attempt to try to make a video, I completely forgot to take pictures of the crate, so that was an epic fail on my part. I did make an unboxing video this month though using Magisto. It's really easy, and I would recommend anyone use it for making any kind of video. You can see that down below. I revamped my blog a little! Hope it looks better and easier to navigate.

Here's a quick rundown of the things you need to know about Loot Crate:
- Monthly subscription box for gamers and geeks
- Items can range from food, shirts, energy drinks, toys, etc.
- $19.37 a month with shipping and handling (gets cheaper with the more months you buy at a time)
- Referral program
- They do NOT ship internationally (yet)

What was featured in our November Loot Crate: Infinity?

Master Chief Helmet Tee, Cube Puzzle Keychain and Solution Guide from, PWN GUM Energy Gum for Gamers, JINX Awesome Random Sticker, a Tobuscus Slap Bracelet, a Creeper SSSsss JINX + Mojang Sticker

Didn't take a picture, so I just stole this one from Loot Crate's facebook. :)

Some pictures of Sookie sporting the slap bracelet.
Don't worry, we kept it on her just for a second.

And here's Boomer sporting it.
He acted as if it was kryptonite and he was unable to move with it on.

Overall, although it was cool getting another shirt, which Henry actually wears it quite often, we were a little disappointed in this month's crate. Unfortunately, the shirt was the only thing that was really worth mentioning in the box. The cube puzzle keychain is way too big to be used as an actual keychain, and Henry wouldn't actually wear the Tobuscus slap bracelet in real life. And the other items, the stickers and the gum, are things you could probably get by going to a comic con convention for free. Another friend of mine who gets Loot Crate mentioned to me that he couldn't identify with any of the items with the Infinity box, and trust me, my friend is definitely the one of the geekiest guys I know. It saddens me to write this, but I have to be honest in my reviews.

I've mentioned in other reviews that I really love subscription boxes in which you get your money's worth. For a box that you pay almost $20 a month for, I expect it to be brimming with cool and awesome stuff! And I am a firm believer in that if you're going to buy a subscription box, you should expect it to be filled with a ton of hard to find samples (like Conscious Box does) or that it the value of the box should be at least twice as much as you pay for it (I pay $10 a month for an Ipsy bag and there's at least $70 worth of items in there every month). Now, I usually go and try to find the prices of the items in boxes to evaluate the value of the items in it, but I can already tell just by looking at it that everything was probably $20 at the very most. So you get what you pay for. But it's disappointing because with subscription boxes, you'll get things that you like and things that you don't like, and when the box is at a higher value than what you actually paid for it, it makes up for the things that you didn't like as much that came in the box. You want people to feel like their $20 was totally worth it, even if they didn't like everything that came in the box. Or else they feel like they could have used that $20 for something else.

Now, this is just mine and my friend's opinions. Maybe other people opened up their crate and LOVED it. You can't always hit the demographic you're going after every time, since everyone is different, but for us... we just thought it was a little underwhelming this month. Hopefully as the company grows bigger, they'll be able to get a bigger discount on better things and will improve in terms of the overall value of the box.

Still, on a positive note, Loot Crate is the only subscription box out there that's geared just for geeks and gamers, so they have that unique feature to it. If you look at the items and think that you'd be completely happy and content with the boxes, I would definitely recommend signing up for one. Loot Crate is really top notch on their customer service and are really active on facebook also, if you'd like to follow them there. I signed Henry up for a 3 month subscription to cover Valentine's Day (I'm really interested in seeing what they are going to do for that), but hopefully it improves drastically in the next few months or I'll be cancelling Henry's subscription with them, unfortunately.

As always, thanks for reading!


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