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December 2012 Loot Crate Review!

Hey guys!

So I am on a blogging spree to catch up with my reviews before classes begin again! I definitely felt like December's Loot Crate was much better than November's. Fortunately, our box was received on Christmas Eve so we were able to open it for Christmas. I was a little worried that it wouldn't arrive before then, so definite win for getting here on time.

Here's a quick rundown on things you should know about Loot Crate:
- Monthly subscription box for gamers and geeks
- Items can range from food, shirts, energy drinks, toys, etc.
- $19.37 a month with shipping and handling (gets cheaper with the more months you buy at a time)
- Referral program
- They do NOT ship internationally (yet)

December's Theme: Kyujitsu

Aww... I actually didn't see this earlier, but for December, Loot Crate had donated one meal for every subscriber through Feeding America! I love that! It's very similar to what Love With Food does, as they donate a meal for every box that is sold. I'm all for companies that give back to the community.

What was featured our December Loot Crate?

Holiday Doodle Jump Sticker in Elf ($2.40), Super Hero Domo 6.5 inch Plush ($7.99), Honey Badger Don't Care 6.5 inch Plush ($2.35 - when bought in bulk), "It's 13:37 Somewhere!" Beverage Tool (~$1.00)?, Geek/Gamer Split Personality Wristband (~$1.00), and Atari Collectible Joystick With Gum (~$4.00).

Total Value:

(For the things I put an about sign next to, I'm just estimating since I couldn't find the actual item, so I base it on approximate cost to make in a bulk order, or there are multiple prices so I choose the one that's about average)

Here's Henry sporting his Gamer/Geek Bracelet ("Gamer" on one side, "Geek" on the other).
I thought it fit him nicely, although he wouldn't wear it everyday.
I like the concept though.

Atari Joystick Gum, Coupon off for Wall Graphics, and "It's 13:37 Somewhere!" bottle opener

I definitely thought the Atari Joystick Gum was cute. Henry appreciated it more though since he was actually old enough to play with one when it was out. The gum inside was pretty meh though. It held its flavor for about 2 minutes. It would make a really cute accessory for a desk though, maybe to put paperclips inside or something. The bottle opener came in really handy for Henry since we held a Christmas party at our house, so he had that thing in his pocket all day/night. It's good. We like practical tools. Especially for opening bottles of beer or orange cream soda. The wall graphics coupon was nice, but I probably wouldn't get much use for it since we rent our house. I'm sure they've got a lot of cool stuff for personalizing a house though.

These two were me and Henry's favorites. Well, Henry had no idea who Domo was, but he really dug Honey Badger. I believe he's sitting at Henry's desk at work right now. I got to keep Domo though. :) I believe you either got Super Hero Domo (seen below) or Super Geek Domo (with nerd glasses) in your box.
As you can see, they're having a face off on who's more ferocious.
Domo is cute. Honey Badger doesn't give a sh*t.
Honey Badger wins.

Overall, we liked this Loot Crate. Well, I liked it. Henry had pointed out that he wished he hadn't gotten two plushes in this month's box and something else in place of it. We liked that we got something practical in it that we could use everyday, and we definitely liked Honey Badger. If you don't know anything about Domo, here, read this wikipedia article, it should clear up any confusion... not. Lol. But in any case, my only grievance for December's box is again (see Nov review) the value of the box. I'd love to see higher priced or more items in the box to balance out the amount we pay out of pocket for it. A good subscription box offers at least twice the value of what you pay for it (including shipping) and a great one triples or quadruples it's value. I'm starting to get discouraged that maybe Loot Crate will just be a "you get what you pay for" subscription box, and it's unfortunate because I am a huge fan of subscription boxes and the idea behind them. If they could just somehow get this one thing under their belt consistently, they would have a pretty awesomely epic box. And if that's not possible, then they could at least lower the price of their box so we didn't have such high expectations.

Hopefully January's is going to be awesome though! I still have my fingers crossed that one of these Loot Crates will be as awesome as the one they offered in August when they had just started out.

If you liked what you saw and want to take a chance on Loot Crate, sign up here.

Thanks for reading!


Update (1/15/12) - Thank you to those who signed up through my link on my page! So far, 3 very generous people have signed up to Loot Crate using my link, and I am very appreciative that my blog is being read and that my reviews are being rewarded! I don't get paid to do any of these, nor do I get any boxes for free outside of using my referral link like everyone else, so I'm very thankful and happy when I see a new email popping up telling me someone has signed up! I don't know who you are, but you are appreciated. :)

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