Friday, January 4, 2013

Mine and Henry's Xmas Subscription Boxes to Each Other. :)

So since I've been having this crazy addiction to subscription boxes this year, Henry and I decided to make each other subscription boxes for Christmas. Well, he decided that he wanted to make me one first, and I figured that would be a really fun and great idea. And it was! For being together for four years, it should have been easy to come up with stuff, but I always have trouble getting him things as he's really a laid back "I don't need anything" kinda guy.

What do you think of what we came up with? Whose is better? I personally think I put a lot of thought and effort into his, but he also didn't have as much to spend on my box since he bought me a Chromebook for my birthday. He has the unfortunate timing of Christmas, my birthday, and our anniversary pretty much in the same 2 weeks. Poor guy. Anyway, I know this isn't a normal review of a normal box, but I thought I'd do this anyway, in case someone wanted to try making one for a subscription box addicted significant other one day!

Henry's Box For Me

So I really loved the box Henry got for me! He did a great job in remembering what I liked and thinking about what I need. I don't really want to look up the prices though, since it was a gift. That just makes me feel weird and rude. Even if he is okay with it. I guess he does seem to pay attention when I'm talking to him... strange. :P

What was in it?

1) Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong in Canary Yellow
I really love Hanky Panky Thongs. It's the only kind of underwear I wear now since I've discovered them. They've got to be the most comfortable thongs on the Earth. And they make your bum look really cute too. I don't have many of them since they're really pricey for underwear (about $20 a thong), so I'm always welcoming more into my collection! Henry likes bright colors, so that's why he picked yellow. I highly recommend them! I've seen that they make Hello Kitty ones now too. Those are my next targets, although I know I'll never find them on sale. :(

2) Box of Goodies from Lush!
I love Lush. It's my absolute favorite store to go to when I frequent Scottsdale Fashion Square. I'm a bath kind of girl. When I'm sick, I take a bath. When I'm down, I take bath. When I'm happy, I take a bath. You get the picture. They're just so calming. I really miss our big garden tub in our old apartment. Anyway, he got me a lot of the holiday bath bombs, and a seasonal shampoo. I haven't gotten a chance to try them all yet, but Dragon's Egg is my favorite. It smells so good and I love the sparklies. I always think of the movie scene in Harry Potter when he puts the dragon egg into the water whenever I use this. I don't know why.
  • Golden Wonder (looks like a present, releases gold glitter, and has a surprise inside)
  • Dragon's Egg (big round one that looks like it has colored polka dots, releases gold glitter)
  • Party Popper (pink and blue one, has soap confetti inside)
  • So White (Apple scented and lovely)
  • Cinders (Spicy and crackles)
  • Fair Trade Honey Shampoo (Smells really strong, but is pleasant after you wash it out)
3) Tokidoki Lip Balm Stain in Pink Martini
I actually thought it would be really bright on me since it looks so bright in the container, but it's actually not. I thought it was a lipstick at first, but it's a balm stain, so it goes on really sheer and gives just a hint of color. It also has a slight tinge of fragrance to it but I can't put my finger on what it is. Anyway, I do love my lip balms! And I adore anything Tokidoki.

4) Tokidoki Mini 6-Piece Rollerball Collection
So this is a little set of mini perfumes that come in Rollerball form. There are 6 different types. I've only opened two of them so far, but they all seem nice. I'll probably throw them into my minimergency bag since they're so tiny.

5) Arkon Seat Rail or Floor Mount for iPad
At first, I was a little like "Huh?" when I saw this, but then I realized that I could use it for when I'm listening to my podcasts in my car. I usually just throw my ipad into the passenger seat and it moves around everywhere, so it's nice to have something to hold it steady. Safety first! This was the practical gift that Henry would enjoy installing into my car for me, I could tell. :)

6) Silky Sleep Bridal Satin Pillow Case with Hidden Zipper
So I actually asked for this for Christmas, because my hair stylist told me that I should totally invest in one because it works! A satin pillow case is much more delicate on your hair and face and helps reduce friction which can cause breakouts, or frizzy hair. I like it so far. I still have frizzy hair, but I do notice that it's less. Boomer somehow got onto the bed one morning and was trying to paw at me when I woke up and left a few claw marks in it though. I was not happy.

7) Hello Kitty MAC Mini Brush Set
This was a really nice set! The brushes were really soft, and I love Hello Kitty. Henry thought it would be easier for me to have a travel set when we go traveling instead of almost ruining my brushes by putting them in my regular bag. Another practical gift. Upon further research, I found out that these aren't real MAC brushes (as they are super duper expensive), but they'll do the job. I still think they're cute, and as long as it works well, that's fine with me!

8) "I will always be with you" Stainless Steel Ring
This one made me tear up a little. Henry meant for it to be a promise ring while I wait for my real one. It's really pretty. I don't usually wear jewelry unless it means something significant, so I've been wearing it quite often. It's a little big for me, which is surprising, since I thought I was a size 6-3/4 but this is a 6. It's very lovely and warms my heart whenever I look at it. :)

My Box for Henry

I wrapped it in gold and wrote his name across the fold. I would have done it all over the wrapping if I had the patience, but I really don't. Oh, and all the prices that I post next to the items are just the retail price for it. I actually paid a lot less for most of the items in here, because after all, a subscription box is supposed to be worth at least twice as much as you paid for it. :) And also because we had a $200 limit that we could spend on the boxes. I was under.

And then I individually wrapped everything except for the 32gb micro SD card I got for him, since that was supposed to be a stocking stuffer. I got it on cyber monday for a really good price. We didn't end up hanging our stockings so that's why it's in there!

1) Micro SD card 32gb - $39.99
Thought he could use a bigger memory for his new phone.

2) Sport Armband for his Galaxy Note II - $24.99
It's a huge phone, but if we go jogging or hiking one day, he won't have to lug it around in his pocket.

3) Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash in Strawberry Milk - $7.89
Henry actually hates it when I buy body lotions or washes that smell like food. I love products that smell like sweet things though. He says it just makes him hungry. Anyway, this is the only product I've ever used that smells like food, which he LOVED. So I bought him one for himself. It's a Korean brand so you can't just find it anywhere. I had to order it on ebay. He says it smells like Nestle Strawberry Milk. And it makes your skin really soft afterwards too, with no lotion needed.

4) Roku LT Streaming Player - $49.99
This had really great reviews on Amazon so I got it, not really knowing too much about what it did. I knew it could play Netflix and Amazon Prime videos on there, and that there were some channels you could watch but I didn't know what kind. Anyway, I've been using it a lot more than Henry during the break. We've been watching movies off it with my Amazon Prime account. I probably wouldn't replace this with the antenna we have though. It doesn't get live TV channels. 

5) New Trent iMirror 6000mAh Heavy Duty 2A/1A USB Ports External Battery Pack - $89.95
Since Henry works in the middle of the desert sometimes, I thought it'd be nice to provide him and external battery pack. And it drives me nuts when we have to delay going out somewhere because we're waiting for his phone to charge or his phone starts dying when we're out and we need to rush home so he can charge it. Hopefully this alleviates that problem. Unfortunately, it is a little bulky, so he probably won't be carrying around all the time. It'll definitely come in handy for long festival days or shopping days when I'm walking around looking at things while he's playing games on his phone waiting for me to be done.

6) Batman Dual Compartment Lunch Kit by Thermos - $30.00
I thought he'd like this! But I guess it's too kiddish for him to bring to work. He loves Batman and I thought it'd be more of a fun part of the subscription box. He says he likes it, but he doesn't want to be teased by his coworkers I guess. It even has a cape!

6) Funko Tupac Rock Pop Figurine - $12.99
This was actually his favorite item out of the whole box. Can you believe it?! When I asked him why, he said it was because he would think it would be really cool to have but he would never buy it on his own. I guess that's the secret of getting someone a gift. Henry loves his Tupac.

7) Travelchair Slacker Chair - $37.89
I got him one of these because he's always wanted a pocket chair, the one that's like "As seen on TV"? But it never got good reviews, so I refused to get him one. Well this one, actually has great reviews. It's light and portable, and can hold up to 275 lbs. It'd come in handy for when he's at work and has nowhere to sit in the field, or if we go camping one day.

8) Adidas Men Superlite CC 3-pack No Show Socks in Black/Graphite - $16.10
Henry has holes in his socks. I got him new ones. These got good reviews. That's all.

9) SE KC5006S 4-Inch Camping Steel with Detachable Knife - $6.99
Tell me that's not one of the coolest, most practical things you have ever seen. Anyway, I thought it would be good for him to take to work in his new lunch bag. You can detach the two sides from each other so you can actually use your fork and knife at the same time. Brilliant!

10) Personalized Calendar from MiniBox - $34.99
I wanted to make something personal and found a really good deal on living social to make a calendar, so I decided "Why not?" It took me FOREVER to put the pictures together and customize the dates (anniversaries, birthdays, etc). But it came out really well! You can see it below in the photo of all the things that came in the box.

Total Value: $351.77

I admit, I did go all out on the box, but that's because I had a lot of time to think about it. And I did get very good deals on most of the stuff in there. It's was a fun project! I highly recommend trying it at least once for your significant other for an occasion. It would have been a really fun idea for an anniversary too. Anyway, Henry seemed to like everything that came in his box! So I think that's a win? What'd you guys think of it? Not bad for my first subscription box making, right? :)

Thanks for reading!



  1. Super cute idea! Would have loved to do this for the boyfriend next Christmas when I'm officially graduated and have more free time on my hands :)

  2. Thank you Kat!! Yes, it was really fun! Luckily, I pretty much shopped online for everything, and was able to get everything wrapped up during my break. It didn't take up too much time. Just a night. The calendar was definitely the only thing that was really time consuming. I highly recommend trying it. :)