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November 2012 Love With Food Review!

Hey there, foodie friends!

Got my very first Love With Food subscription box in yesterday and was very excited about it since I didn't get to see any spoilers (I tried to refrain myself from visiting their Facebook page). Love With Food is a food subscription box where they send you 8 or more curated little snacks every month. What I love about them is that for every box that is bought, they donate a meal to a hungry child all across america. As of now, according to their website, they've donated 17,440 meals across the US. Any subscription box that helps spread the word about small businesses and their products, and also donates some of their profit to an organization gets an A++ in my book. It's only $10/month with $2 shipping if you buy a monthly plan (able to cancel at any time) or a 3-month plan. But if you buy a 6-month plan the shipping goes down to $1/month, for a total of $11/month, and a 12-month plan would get free shipping for a grand total of $10/month. Luckily, I was able to snatch up a Groupon deal that they were offering the Phoenix area and got the 6-month plan at 47% off.

Another thing I like about them is their point system. You rack up points just for buying boxes, but only if you purchase the 3, 6, or 12 month plan. You can also get points by reviewing the items in the box on their website, sharing recipes, referring people, etc. I've included a breakdown on how to get points below. These points can then be traded in for full sized products on their website (can't be used for more Love With Food boxes though). Not a lot of subscription box programs have an incentive program, and Love With Food seems to have one of the best.

Let's get to the unboxing!

I love their vibrant red box.

Message that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. <3

Thanksgiving Day Card!
This particular box was curated by Amy Roloff from TLC's "Little People, Big World".

The packing list for this month's box.
Cookbook and Bhakti Chai - not included.

Coupons included:
$5 worth of free prints at &
$10 off at

Everything that came in the box!

Here we've got the Inka Corn (made in Peru) - $4.25, BBQ Turkey Bak Kwa Jerky (0.6 oz) - $1.00, and Fruit.0 in Mango Pear Pineapple - $2.30.

Here we have the Mrs. May's Mini Crunch in Strawberry Almond - $0.80, Aspen Mulling Cider Spice Blend - $0.89, Stash Pumpkin Spice Decaf Tea - $0.18, Hagensborg Truffle Pig in Dark Chocolate (made in Canada) - $1.00, and Skeeter Totally Nut-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies - $3.99.

Total estimated value: $14.41

My absolute favorites out of the box so far were the Skeeter cookies (crunchy texture, awesome chocolate chips, perfect for kids with nut allergies as they're made in a completely nut-free facility), BBQ Turkey Bak Kwa (Asian flavor to it; be sure to refrigerate!), Mrs. May's Mini Crunch (perfect size snack, satisfying, and healthy), and the Inka Corn (really fun to try such big corn kernels). I haven't had a chance to try the others yet. My truffle pig was melted which I was really bummed out about since the pig shape of the truffle is a factor of what makes it fun and special, but that's one of the downsides about USPS. I'm sure my pig would have been in decent shape if they used UPS or FedEx. :) Anyway, I gave my fruit.0 packet to Henry since he likes Mango and I don't. We refrigerated it so I'll ask him later how he liked it. That leaves the cider mix and pumpkin spice tea for me to try. With the cold season coming up, I should be able to use up all my teas to update my reviews, although I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin either. We will see! Maybe it will change my mind. Another fun thing about these boxes... you might come to find that something you didn't like before, might taste good in the right form.

If you'd like to sign up for a Love With Food box, click on this link here! And you can use the code HOLIDAY12 to get $5 off any plan (valid till 11/30/12). I would really appreciate the referral points! :)

Overall, I think the box is a good value. Although it's not worth that much more than what you pay for it, I would have probably never been able to experience any of these items on my own. They aren't the type of foods that you can find in a normal grocery store, so shipping would also be an extra cost if you were to purchase on your own. Even though I got a great deal on my subscription (about $6/month), I would probably pay $10/month for it when the time comes. And the fact that they also donate a meal for every box really makes you feel that much better about buying it. This is probably the best priced Food subscription box out there. Surprisingly, most of the other ones are pretty pricey, so I will have to wait a while before I can review those for you. If you are a foodie, or know someone who is, this would be a great gift for them (since subscription boxes come every month, it's like you're giving them a gift every month). ;)

Thanks for reading!


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