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December 2012 "Glamour, Glitz, & Gloss" Glossybox Review!

Hey everyone! Just catching up on some reviews after my grueling exam this morning.

I was really excited to get my second Glossybox, as it's one of the higher quality ones I subscribe to. This month was definitely a nice one! It's kind of like Ipsy's My Glam Bag or Birchbox, but I would say that the products and brands that come in GlossyBox are much more expensive, or not as well known. That makes sense though, if you're paying $11 more, that it would have a higher value to it. 

Here's a quick rundown of all the things you need to know!

- High end beauty box
- $21/month, and it gets cheaper with the more months you purchase at once
- Shipped by USPS
- Referral program (if you get one friend to sign up through your link, you get 200 "glossydots" in which you can exchange for a Glossybox, or you can take surveys on your box and the products in it for about 20 points each survey. 1000 glossydots = 1 Glossybox)

December Unboxing!

This month's theme was "Glamour, Glitz, & Gloss".

What was in this month's box?
Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in m.powerment petal from mark., Plume Divine 40" Necklace from Jewelmint, Bath Salts in White Tea from Heartland Fragrance Co., Denise Richards Volume Extend Finishing Spray by Cristophe, Pleats Please Eau de Toilette sample from Issey Miyake, Velvet Amplifier from Wella, Nail Lacquer in Electra from Zoya

Total Value:

The Items:

Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in m.powerment petal from mark. ($12.00/.106 oz):
This is a really cute rose nude color. I like these types of shades because they look really natural and don't make you look overdone, but still give you a nice healthy color to your lips. What's cool about this particular lipstick is the packaging, which makes it unique from other lipsticks. The cap "clicks" onto the bottom part of the tube when you close it, using magnets, so that it keeps the cap on tight that way. It's a novelty type of packaging, in my opinion, only because I've never really had problems with caps coming off with regular lipsticks, so I feel like the magnets aren't really that much more convenient or necessary. The tube is a very shiny, chrome pink, which is so adorable. Another thing that I like about it is that it's not that expensive, compared to the usual Dior brand I get. Of course, the mark. lipstick doesn't go on as smooth or is as hydrating as my Dior one. It's very obvious where the dry skin is on my lips, although maybe all lipsticks are like that. In any case, I liked that I got a lipstick that I could use on a daily basis and not look overdone.

Divine Plume 40" Necklace from Jewelmint ($29.99):
This is the item that I was super surprised about getting, only because you usually expect a cosmetic or beauty product in Glossybox. It came in a little velvet baggie, and it's basically a really long necklace that goes down to about my belly button, and it's got little gold and silver feathers at the end. It looks a little steampunk-ish, which I like. I was excited to see it since I never accessorize, so I don't have many things like this. It is a little weird how the clasp to undo it is down by where the feathers are though. I'm not sure why they decided to design it that way.

Bath Salts in White Tea from Heartland Fragrance ($1.83/5.5 oz):
The moment I opened the box, I immediately smelled this. It was definitely a flowery smell, and almost overwhelming (but I have a very sensitive nose). But bath salts!! I love baths! I think taking a bath is one of the most relaxing things in the world, so I was very happy to see this in the box. Sometimes you just have to take a break from life and sit in some good smelling water, you know? Anyway, I got White Tea, which definitely didn't smell like white tea to me... but it did smell nice. I saved it for a night when my muscles were tired from working out, since they are epsom salts. I was pleased to find that the overwhelming smell dissipated into a pleasant, mild, fragrance that made my bath that much more relaxing and enjoyable. I probably should have tried to take a handful and exfoliate with them first, but I was just so excited that I ended up dumping everything out the moment I could.

Pleats Please Eau de Toilette by Issey Miyake ($0.81/0.03 oz):
I usually dislike getting perfume samples in my beauty boxes since I'm very particular about the type of fragrance I like. My regular bottle right now is Jennifer Aniston, and it has a jasmine smell to it that I absolutely adore. It's fantastic. This sample of Pleats Please was kind of cool to get because they are an exclusive online launch partner through Glossybox. A regular bottle is also pretty pricey at $92 for 3.3 ounces. I have to say that I liked the smell since it was very bright and upbeat. I'm not good at picking up certain notes to things in perfume, so I'll just list what they have on the package: nashi pear, peony, sweet pea, cinnamon, cedar, patchouli, vanilla. I probably still wouldn't replace my regular perfume with it, but it's always a win when you find a perfume sample that you like and can stick in a clutch or purse when you're going out somewhere. Am I right?

Denise Richards Volume Extend Finishing Spray by Cristophe ($3.00/1.5 oz):
I actually still haven't had the chance to use this yet, but I'm always into travel size hairsprays, since it's always a pain to drag along a huge bottle when you're going on a roadtrip. I'll update once I get the chance to put it to use! Pretty cool that it's paraben and sulfate free.

Velvet Amplifier from Wella ($0.42/0.05 oz):
This was another hair product that was in the box, although, I really have no idea how to use it. A style primer? Foreign language to a girl who brushes her hair with her fingers everyday. But! This is why I picked hair products as my preferred items, so that I can actually be forced to learn how to DO my hair. I shall update once I figure out what I should do with this. I need to do more research.

Nail Lacquer in Electra from Zoya ($8.00/0.5 oz):
Zoya! I was happy to see it in the box since I haven't been able to try this particular brand yet, but apparently, it's supposed to be a lot healthier for your nails than regular nail polish. Mine has long slivers of silver foil in it, which looks great in the bottle, but I'm not sure how it would come out on my nails. I'll update with a pic once I get to try it. This company recently had a promotion where they gave out 3 nail polishes (a bunch to choose from) for free and all you had to do was pay for shipping and handling, which was $10. A pretty good deal, in my opinion! The 3 that I chose were "Snow White" (white), "Nina" (chocolate brown/maroon/black), and "Zuza" (shimmery light blue). I tried Nina and it came out pretty well, although I was confused about what color it really was. It said dark chocolate on the site, but it looks black in some lighting, and I also saw a tinge of purple/maroon on the edges where I didn't get a perfect two coats. I'm still uncertain how I feel about it compared to my regular OPI, but I'll let you know once I try it again.

Overall, I was pretty happy with December's box, with a value over twice as much as I paid for it. I do wish that it had more things that I could use everyday, like when they included BB cream and face cleanser in their October Box. I would have REALLY enjoyed that one. I was really happy with the lip stick and bath salts. 

I do have to make a note though, mentioning that today is February 1st, and I still haven't received my January Glossybox. This is a big no no in my book, since a subscription box that is supposed to come every month, should come at the same time every month. At the moment, it's stuck in Indiana somewhere... hopefully it moves in the next couple of days. Apparently, they had such a huge demand in January that they had some backorders for products that were supposed to be in the box that they had to wait for. They did try to make up for it by giving us 50 Glossydots to our accounts, but seeing as you need a 1000 to get a free box, that seemed a little skimpy to me. I would have been happy with a bonus product with January or February's box, but 50 Glossydots? Come on! But I think some people might have unsubscribed just for this error alone. Although I'm a little annoyed about it, I'm still willing to see what's in February's box before I decide for sure to cancel or not. From what I know, this isn't a usual behavior for Glossybox, and that a lot of subscribers have never encountered this type of problem before. I did like every box I've gotten so far so I can't say that it's not worth the wait... hopefully when it comes, I'll forget all about how long it took to get to me!

If you'd like to take a chance on Glossybox (and help me get Glossydots), click here to subscribe!

As always, thanks for reading! :)


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