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ZoOoOmbies... October 2012 Loot Crate Review!

Hey Geeks and Geekettes!

So this month's Loot Crate was way awesome, as expected. The shipping took a little longer this time. I got my tracking number on the 19th, but it actually arrived on the 26th, a whole 8 days! D: Two friends of mine who live in my area actually got theirs one or two days earlier than me. But this subscription box thing is like that... you have to be patient. Luckily, Henry doesn't get the tracking number, so he's kind of just surprised whenever it comes. Again, if you don't know what a Loot Crate is, it's a subscription box (a box that comes once a month filled with surprises) geared especially towards gamers and geeks. And they only ship to the US for now, but they say they will be going international one day. :) So hang in there!

The unboxing!

His membership card came with it this time! Had his name on it and everything.

This month's theme: Outbreak (in celebration of Halloween)

The packing list!

Henry was SO smitten about his shirt.
He is so into Diablo III, and didn't see all the spoilers on facebook, so this was a nice surprise for him. :)

A really cool dog tag.
FYI: MC stands for Matthew and Chris, the cofounders of Loot Crate. :)

Zombie Pea Brains (wasabi flavored) - $7.50, Zombie Jerky - $7.99 for the full size (est $1.00 sample?), Love Potion Energy drink - $4ish, Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs - $5.25 for 72, Custom Dog Tag, and Diablo III shirt - $20!

Henry actually tore open the jerky package and started eating it before I could take a picture of everything.
I don't know if you can tell or not.

Also, two zombie buttons!

.:. Update .:.
So I forgot to really review the highs and lows of the actual products themselves, as I was running out of time during my lunch break. The best part of the box was definitely the shirt, the "high-value" item that a subscription box usually has (or they will have a bunch of awesome samples). Since Loot Crate offers 6-8 things for their price, subscribers will usually expect a high value item each month since I would think it'd be difficult to get your hands on a bunch of geeky mini samples. :P We enjoyed pretty much everything... the love potion could probably be saved as a cute way to break the ice with a new girl, Valentine's Day, or a small gesture of apology if you're in the doghouse. The dog tag and zombie buttons would definitely have to be the other things we really enjoyed. The dog tag, because it's something original that you can't purchase anywhere else, and admittedly, it's kind of cool to have something cool and unique. The buttons, because Henry gets to cover his lunch cooler from all his Loot Crate buttons (he might be able to start a collection if they keep including them in every crate). The jerky, Henry wanted to try right away, as I couldn't even take a picture of it before he cut it open. Tasted like regular jerky... it's a novelty, so we probably wouldn't replace our regular jerky snack with it... plus, it doesn't really give you that "I want to eat that" feeling lol. The zombie wasabi peas were our least favorite, but that's only because we both don't really like wasabi that much. Well, me not at all, and Henry only likes it with his sashimi. I am a fan of the regular roasted pea brains without the wasabi though! It's a shame.

Overall, Henry really liked this month's box a lot, and I loved it because of how happy it made him. I actually tried to take a picture of his wide eyed, gleeful reaction, but he covered up his face with the card before I could get it. Boooo. But trust me, he was super happy. Thanks Loot Crate! :D The value of the box this time around was GREAT, as the shirt was already worth $20 so everything else was kind of a bonus. A great step up from last month! If you haven't gotten one yet, and you would love getting things like this every month (it's fun), you totally should. I would also recommend liking Loot Crate's facebook page, as sometimes they post discounts (ie. 20% off for the first 20 people who sign up with their link). Be aware that people sometimes post spoilers on their page, so I would stay away from looking at their stuff around shipping time if you want to be surprised. :)

Oh! And this is what the Mega Crate winner for the month of October got. 
Congrats Chris Glock! (Fan of the last name)

So sign up, if you want a chance at getting an awesome Mega Crate!

If you want to check out what I thought about last month's box (September), you can click here.

And if you want to show your support for my blog by signing up through my personal Loot Crate link for a subscription, I would very much appreciate it. <3

Thanks for reading!


PS - Just a few pics of our ninja Halloween costumes that Henry put together. For fun.

I am SO good at hiding. :P

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