Thursday, September 20, 2012

A new face, a new place.

Hi everyone!

A Little About Me:

I decided to start this blog because I needed a new hobby. I spent a LOT of time reading and researching things before I decided to buy it (seriously, a really big problem), and thought "It's about time I start contributing to the reviewing world." I'm currently a pharmacy student who is going to be graduating in 2014 (yay!), and then I will *hopefully* be a full fledged pharmacist after that. Until then, I'm hoping that I can come up some useful reviews for you readers and I can actually learn a few more things about the beauty/blogging world. I've got a wonderful boyfriend and two little devil dogs (that I absolutely love). No kids yet. We'll save that for the days when I don't have to pull all nighters anymore.

My Beauty "Style":

I'm not too much of a girly girl. I am a minimalist makeup kind of girl, but that's not to say I don't have flaws that I need to cover up. In terms of what kind of products I like to look for, I try to go for things that will cut down my beauty regimen time to as short as possible, while keeping my face looking naturally acceptable. Some people love spending hours on their hair and makeup to look flawless, but that's just never been me. My goal time is to keep the hair and makeup time to a maximum of 15 minutes. Who doesn't wanna sleep in for another 30 minutes?! *Especially for us working women, moms, and full-time students* I find that it's also hard to find perfect products for my skin type. I'm Chinese/Vietnamese, so I have a weird medium-tan complexion with a little bit of yellow under there, with dry places at the corners of my mouth and cheeks, but an oily forehead, nose, and chin. I also have unevenness with my chin and forehead being darker than the rest of my face, freckles, and scars from the bad habit of picking at my pimples. A lot of base products I try end up looking cakey or ashy on me, but I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one. So hopefully, the products I review for you will help you achieve a great look (if you've got crazy skin like me) and get you some extra shut eye to help avoid those dark circles. ;)

Product Philosophy:

Speaking more about products, I don't mind paying a little more for something if there is no budget friendly option out there. I can't really classify myself as a budget shopper or a high end product shopper, as I tend to have both types at the moment. What I will try to focus a lot on are products that don't quite have a ton of reviews out there yet (Ie. Asian products). I found that I had to scrounge for reviews when trying to find a good BB cream from an Asian brand, since apparently the BB creams made now in the US don't live up to the standard of the Asian ones that have been around for a while. I can't really attest to that claim since I haven't tried many US BB creams yet (except for Dr. Jart), but I will try to include a comprehensive review of the BB creams I do get to try.

Now here's my disclaimer:

I am in no way a professional reviewer yet. I love writing and researching products, so I'll try to remember to include everything a reader would find helpful to know about a product. I also don't quite have the funds to purchase "beauty hauls" as I've seen other bloggers do, nor do I get any free samples from companies for my reviews (since I really am just dipping my foot into this world now). I will be sure to review any great products that I come across though, praying that it will help find peace in some soul out there who is worried or not about buying something

I've also discovered the wonder that is subscription boxes! I've recently subscribed to Loot Crate (a geeky box of goodies that I purchased for my Diablo-playing boyfriend), My Glam Bag (now Ipsy), and Bark Box (so that everyone in my household gets a monthly gift to open!). I will definitely review those once I receive them and the products contained within. The Loot Crate should be the first one I get, so I'm excited about that, being a subtle shade of geek myself. So just be aware of that! I won't always be reviewing beauty products, as I like anything and everything that makes life in this hectic world easier and a little happier for me. :)

I apologize for the long winded introduction! I should probably get to my nutrition paper now (we had to keep a food log for 3 days in a row). But I will post my first review soon. So keep a look out!

Thanks for reading!


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